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Group of Companies INSOLAR

Group of companies INSOLAR since 1987 works at the market of heat pumps and energy-efficient life support systems for buildings and facilities.

The first geothermal heat pumps and heat pump systems had been manufactured in Russia by us. Our experts developed methodical and normative literature on design, mounting and operation of heatpumping systems and thermal pumps.

Our organization represents group of companies, connected among themselves by common goals and tasks within which each company realizes a certain function in achievement of goals.

Specialists of the companies entering into INSOLAR group of companies actively participate in work of different the profile organizations, associations, committees, in implementation of programs and projects.

The engineers of INSOLAR group of companies are members of the National Association "Chamber of Engineers of ABOK", which was created on September 29, 2014. Our engineers are included in the Register of engineers of Russia - experts in the field of automation, cooling, heating, air conditioning, heat supply, electrical power supply, water-supply and water disposal, gas supply of buildings and constructions, and also construction thermophysics.

The main activity - creation of energy saving engineering systems of heat supply, cold supply and cooling of buildings and constructions, including using the heat pumps using a secondary energy resources and nontraditional renewable energy sources.

The first enterprise of group was founded in 1987 on the basis of sector of "Non-traditional energy sources" of scientific research institute of construction physics of the State Committee for Construction of the USSR - the INSOLAR Research and Production Center (RPC). Then - the INSOLAR scientific and production association (SPA) in case of the Union of Architects of the USSR.

Our achievements:

  • high qualification of experts and their unique, more than twenty years, practical experience in the development area, mounting and operation of heat pumping systems of heat cold supply of buildings;
  • we have got more than forty own patents;
  • the unique experience of successful implementation of innovative projects and building of the experimental and demonstration objects;
  • we have got all the necessary licences and permissions;
  • appreciation of status customers;
  • group of the innovative companies INSOLAR in the market since 1987;
  • seventeen years' operating experience of the objects equipped with TST in climatic conditions of Russia;
  • know-how and own software and normative-technical support for design, installation and operation of heat pump systems and heat pumps;
  • the active cooperation and involvement in profile associations, partnership and committees;
  • big library of own publications in a press and the Internet;
  • numerous diplomas and creditable letters.

The parent organization of the group of companies INSOLAR is the company JSC INSOLAR-INVEST which is located in Moscow.

The following companies are a part of INSOLAR group of companies:

  • Innovative Exhibition Center ECOPARKFILI JSC, Moscow
  • ""Research center INSOLAR" LLC, Moscow
  • Open Joint-Stock Company INSOLAR-AGRO, Tver region, Toropetskiy area


Participation in federal target programs

The PROON/GEF project "Standards and marking for advance of energy efficiency in the Russian Federation"

The subprogramme "Energy saving housing construction in the city of Moscow"

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