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Committee NA "AVOK" "Alternative energy sources and heat system"

May 27, 2008 held an organizational meeting to establish a Committee of the NP "AVOK" "Alternative energy sources and heat pump system." The Committee was created on the basis of JSC "Insolar-Invest.

The purpose of the committee

is to promote integration in the energy balance of Russia new environmental and energy-efficient technologies based on the use of unconventional energy sources and waste energy, especially with heat pumps and systems.

elected chairman of the committee Vasiliev Grigory Petrovich, Chairman of the Board of Directors of OAO "INSOLAR-INVEST" scientific director of the group of companies "INSOLAR", doctor of technical. Science.

Ctrategicheskoy task committee is to develop on its own initiative and participate in regional programs on the use of alternative energy sources and heat pumps, primarily for urban target program in Moscow for energy efficiency.

Committee "Alternative energy sources and heat pump system" is an open structure of NP "AVOK."

invite interested individuals to participate in the committee.

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