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  • Article in the Moscow prospective newspaper of the Complex of architecture, building, development and reconstruction of the city of Moscow Government (

           Nikulino - the experimental house
           ... some time will pass, and this place between Academic Anokhin street and a woodland will please an eye with not only a picturesque scenery. By the end of the year objects of the second turn of microdistrict Nikulino-2 Joint-Stock Company should be build here...
          ... Even more interesting heat-efficient know-how will be placed in residential buildings of the second turn of construction. The scientific ideology of an experimental residential house is approved last year by Council of the Complex of perspective development of the city in March. A high appraisal have been given to it by foreign experts. Later the construction of the second unusual building has been approved.
           Already the fact of inclusion of two buildings to the experiment at once can tell that there is no doubt in gravity of innovations. Their collective author is , Insolar-Invest, and also the 26th Central Research Institute of Moscow Region of the Russian Federation, Military Engineering Technical University. Similar engineering solutions of Insolar-Invest have been shown well in aqua-park construction in Matveevskaya street. The basis of know-how is the use of such non-conventional source of heat as geothermal. Project realization in Academic Anokhin street promises to be highly cost-efficient. It will be possible to save up to 40 percent of energy used within the maintenance of ordinary houses. The effectiveness will be also supported by heat control of inhabitants, introduction of heat meters to each apartment, special ventilation, and heat recycling...


  • Article of the Aviation engines department of the Ufa State Aviation Technical University (

          The knowledge base in the field of technologies and systems of use of low-temperature and renewable energy sources

          ...Thermal pumps in public buildings. The main goal of the compression machinery in public buildings is cooling necessary whether on climatic conditions, or for removal of heat of internal sources of lightning, equipment, personnel. Considerable cooling load is required by computer centres in premises. Thus, as a rule, it is not considered, that the applied cooling device is a heat pump by the nature. Despite the fact that the heat taken away from the cooling device condenser has rather low temperature, its beneficial use essentially saves up the energy.
          The parity between the heat which is taken away from the condenser, and power consumption both for a refrigerator and for the heat pump strongly depends on a difference of temperatures of evaporation and condensation. This dependence defines saving temperature of water after the condenser of a cooling device when its heat is used effectively. A temperature level of 41-42 is cost-effective. In this case the capacity consumed by the compressor, raises slightly in comparison with purely cooling mode and at the same time there is a possibility not to dispose, but use the heat of condensation effectively. The most famous realization of this concept is a heat from a cooling device cooling the air in the central part of a building, not disposed, but used for heating of rooms on building perimeter in which loss of heat is raised due to glazing of windows and doors ...
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