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OBJECTS with heatpump systems of heat supply

  • Innovative - exhibition center
    The center is being designed in the city of Moscow in the territory of Filyovsky Park at address: 22 Bolshaya Filyovskaya street, Moscow. The project is carried out according to the General plan for development of Filyovsky Park and the Governmental order of Moscow....

  • Energy efficient quick building sports and fitness center
    Sports and fitness center is intended for fitness purposes and includes an indoor, year-round ice skating rink with tribunes, swimming pool, and also gym and fitness hall, and cafe . The centre is intended for wide service and takes places within the microdistrict near residential houses.
  • Agricultural sector in Tver region
    Creation of an agricultural sector includes the innovative part for a purpose of introduction and development of modern energy conservation and ecologically clean technologies of energy supply in an integrated production string of the modern complex agricultural enterprise, oriented both for the production and for processing of agricultural products.

  • Demonstration center Ecopark-Fili
    Life-support area (heat and electric supply, hot water supply, waste and garbage recycling, etc.) of the park infrastructure represents a serious interest as one of perspective directions of use of non-conventional energy sources in climatic conditions of Russia. A specificity of operating loads on cultural-recreational objects (seasonal prevalence of park amusements, recreational areas, objects of public catering etc.) gives wide opportunity for use of solar energy in life-support systems of above mentioned objects as, in most cases, peaks of intensity of incident solar radiation and operating loads on objects concur. Use of solar energy, as in the converted form (for example, photo-electric appliances and batteries), and in "direct" form, for example, in solar collectors, will make it possible to provide small autonomous park amusements, stands, cafes and other objects of the park infrastructure with the electric power and heat.

  • Cultural recreation centre City of masters
    Moscow recreation park Fili is situated in the centre of the city of Moscow along the bank of Moskva River in the area of 275 hectares. The park is one of the largest parks of Moscow. More than 90 % of the territory of the park is a green area (forest, gardens), defining a quality of air environment in the large part of the city. The park is a monument of the landscape art, guarded by the state. The park is a popular recreation centre of the population and is attended by about 2,5 million persons.

  • Experimental country school in Filippovo of Yaroslavskaya region, heated due to the heat of Earth
    In 1998 in Filippovo country of lyubimskiy area, Yaroslavskaya region the school for 162 students, with a total area of 2000 m2 and the volume of 6900 m3 was put into operation. The building of the school is situated on the outskirts of Filippovo country, in about 100 km from the city of Yaroslavl. The heat and hot water supply of the building is carried out with heat pumps, using the heat of the ground by the technology of Insolar-Invest JSC.

  • Energy efficient residential house in Moscow, Nikulino Microdistrict
    The construction heating volume is 30133 m3, the total area of the living space is 6582 m2, and calculated amount of residents is 292. Insolar-Invest JSC has developed the system of hot water supply of the building on the basis of heat pumps, used both as non-conventional renewable energy source- low-potential heat of the ground, and as a secondary energy resource heat of ventilation emissions.

  • Sports - recreation center Aquadrom on Aminevsky highway, Moscow
    The centre "Aquadrom" represents a separately standing building in the southwest of Moscow in a bottom land of Setun river and is intended for the organization of sports and fitness spare time of residents of the city.

  • Heat pump appliance recycling the heat of crude sewage
    The appliance is intended for the technology development of recycling of the crude sewages heat, definition of the impact of appliance work on operating conditions of the heat station, check of economic efficiency and development of recommendations on creation of similar appliances in municipal services of Moscow and other large and average cities.

  • IRBIS JSC warehouse
    Three main modes of systems work are provided: cold, warm and transitional. Cold mode of work provides the cover of heat load. Warm mode provides the cover of conditioning load. Transitional mode provides the cover of conditioning period due to cold resource of the ground.

  • Heat pump unit in a residential building in the village of Larks, Moscow Region
    his project employed energy-efficient heat pump heating system that uses low-grade heat soil and air emissions of the building.

  • Heat pump dryer TSC-15
    Energy-efficient heat pump dryer TSC-15 was created to save energy and increase productivity. The drying process of wood with a heat pump is no air exchange with the environment.

  • Cottage in Yuzhnoye Butovo in Moscow
    Heat pump system with heat utilisation of soil is put into operation in Moscow, in South Butovo. The heat in the ground is taken on the three vertical soil heat exchangers-thermal wells.

  • Complex of buildings of treatment facilities TEC "Lotos-city
    System heat pump recycles heat of the waste water and it supplies heat to heating systems and ventilation. It possible by due to the low-potential heat of waste water.

  • Drying complex in Rybinsk
    Drying complex working for the needs of the woodworking combine in Rybinsk. The combine produces industrial wood for various purposes, including for wood construction.

Other finished projects

  • Solar photo-electric installation (SFEU)
    Field testing of solar photo-electric modules RZMP-130-T with controllers -150 are carried out in Moscow since September, 2011. The tests are conducted to assess the technical potential of solar energy in the climatic conditions in Moscow.

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